When Peace Came

When peace came, I showered Under streaming light– Silent, settling – effectuating over all: The reassuring comfort drunk From Mother Nature’s breast. And rays channeled through The greys of ancient gloom That paste the hopelessness of Dying on the battlefield, or The losing out upon a risk In love, or Byes to precious life – a husband, child, a wife, Or failure: Crashed careers; bleak depression, The fallen; ruined, spurned; The covering in Veneers of rasping blight. When peace came, a gate begged A gentle path inviting me to Stroll through verdant fields of spring, Bristling with a bouncing life Of colour; flowers cheering to The air ‘We have a chance in nature! ’ When peace came, my addled head was Reconciling, airing, ringing true– The sense of crushing pressure dead; Instead, I flamed a faith anew! When peace came, I saw our youth Inside a multicultural womb; our Death was pointing to a proud And glorious tomb engraved with words of Freedom for the soul that was when Once a body whence it thrived. When peace came, there happened you: A fragrance dancing ‘gainst a new and Frightened innocence of beauty – eyes ready; slenderness in caring arms; A tender skin to be caressed. And we were blessed by starting fresh; A rhythm of pervading warmth; Serenity.

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You can’t see it, but it’s there just the same. Some think its a competition, some just a game. It’s wet all day, and cold all night. It’s mistakeable, but watch it take flig Sometimes it passes, sometimes it stays. It goes on forever in its irreversible ways

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