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Updates [NEW UPDATE 7/20/2013]
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EDIT: 7/20/2013
Hi, Everyone. I'm sorry SecretWishies has been down for so long. I have been busy for these past couple of months. Now I am moving to a new home in less than 2 weeks. Me and my family are trying to get everything ready before it happens. Some parts of the house is still not fully finished and my dad found these awesome guys doing the house for a nice low price. I can't wait till its finished. We got the paint for them and they already almost done painting the house =3.

Check back for updates =).

~Cassandra -

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EDIT: 5/6/2013
Hi guys, I finally have my new battery and I also had to buy a new battery charger plug. Now I still have 9 days of school left and I'm getting plies of homework and study exam papers to go over and finish. So I'm still on hiatus but I'm thinking of putting my blog back up soon and just add little graphics now and then. By this Friday I put my blog back up :-).

I'm also thinking of changing my splash page a bit starting not to like anymore xD. I might make it a little bit brighter.

Take care guys and see you soon~ (check back for updates)

Secretwishies will be on hiatus for a bit, will be changing layout.