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New Login Desgin [10/4/17]

Fixed the Icons page [8/7/17]

4 new Icon bases

1 New main layout design
I have cleaned out my link-exchange page and will be applying again to old and new sites that been up. You can as well apply for affies or link-exchange as well, :).

Getting there slowly.
Hi, everyone.

As promised the Icons/Avatars page is now back up. I use to use cutenews to sort out the images but something happened to the cutenews for my icons that it got messed up. Lucky, I did have the icons stored and I uploaded about 102 icons back into the site. It didn't take to long as I expected but I did wish I had it up and running sooner. I was looking for a script called Icon Sort and I couldn't find it from the site known as New Place, but yet luck again thanks to Lucien from Hakanai Designs, she had the script available. I love the Icon Sort Script, so easy to use and no required links to add the icons just have to upload the images to the right folders, :). So as of today, the Icons/Avatars page is back up, :).

I also managed to put back the textures page back up so yall can look into that. I'm still working on the new designs for yall, and I'm also creating some templates for download usage.

Oh and I'll also like to announce my new Affies!

Hakanai Designs - from
Hakanai Paper - from
Vizune - from

Please go meet them at their amazing sites!
Restoring Avatars.
Hi, everyone. Just a small update. I am currently trying to fix my Avatars page back up. I have to recode about 100 Avatars back into notepad. I'm also working on a new layout for downloads, however, it's gonna take a bit of time since I'm learning to new code and relearning. It has been a long time since I looked at coding but they all coming back to me slowly and quickly, :).

Icon Bases.
Hi, all! Just a small update. Added 4 new Icon Bases in the Assassin's Creed section. I'll be adding more soon later, I been not feeling so well these past few days and this summer heat is not doing any justice, xD. Hopefully, I'll feel better by tomorrows and start designing some premade's.

I also going to be adding a templates page very soon. I been working on a couple, so watch out for those.

Back! and Up!
Hi everyone, I finally got to fix up the cute news, thanks to an awesome tutorial by Pink Pearl. I'm still learning it, but it seems to get easier and easier. How do yall like the new style of the news page? I loving it so far, :).

I'll be starting on making new PSDs and Web Layouts soon, I have so many ideas I want to bring out, xD.

I also cleared out some pages and change things here and there. The link exchange page has been cleared out and will be starting over and filling it with amazing sites out there! :).

Till the next update!!~
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